Monday, November 14, 2011


This weekend I've been bouncing around to various pieces here and there. Sunday morning I wanted to do a portrait of someone, I thought it was going to be a dota 2 piece of someone's head, turned out that when I started drawing it was going to be Fillia from Skullgirls.

This was a very tough piece for me because I haven't ever made a female before outside of a life drawing class, and even those weren't very good. I've always have trouble with females maybe due to lack of experience (well definitely that reason) as well as what the 'trick' is to drawing them. I'm pretty proud with how this turned out. I didn't want to spend a million years on it because I figure if I try and make it perfect I'll never finish it. I need to finish this, be happy with it and then take the lessons that I learn from it and take those to the next piece.

I used an Adam Hughes illustration of catwoman for the pose of the face and help with the color range and values in the face. Hopefully in the future i'll be able to make pieces without having to copy most of the information from someone's else and can use a variety of references and create work that will be mostly all from my own skill. But it was good practice to study and borrow from someone who is amazing at drawing females.

Anyways here is Fillia. I'm happy with it, so far about half the month has gone by in my month of art. I'm not really having any problems with wanting to play games, I just watch videos and draw while I watch them. I really hope I can make it the rest of November without gaming and then move on from there.

And I hope that through this month I can level up my art game and then keep it going from there.

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