Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still alive

So I've been working and trying to continue my love of art. I really enjoy that if I go a day without drawing, hell, even if I did draw yesterday, I still feel like I haven't drawn anything in forever.

I really wanted to have something up every weekend. Although times change and the amount of time I have to draw has changed, I still won't stop.

I've tried to really set a deadline for myself and just throw something out.

Now that I've really started to delve into art and am learning more and more each time I put black on white I want to pull back the reigns slightly and turn it back a little. I want to take my time with each piece and unless it is something that should be done quickly like a sketch or concept I want to put as much time as I can into a piece and really put my all into the art.

This is veigar, the tiny master of evil. Another League of Legends champion, I don't play him too much but I really enjoy his 'Black Mage' design. This is my current progress on the work. Trying to utilize each and every piece of information I've learned and been taught and add that to my next piece. Right now, it feels like it leans a little too much to one side. I'll do what I can and adjust that as I go.

This one will have a background, I will make it sharp and really spend time rendering and in post production.

I got this.

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  1. Keep it up man. You always had the Force with you. Loose sketches turn tight in your hands faster than many peeps with twice your training. Just remember to keep having fun with it, and your stuff will always shine.