Saturday, September 3, 2011

Goblin man man

The inspiration bug has been hiding lately, this week felt incredibly long at work so I've felt pretty tired and drained whenever it came to trying to paint. Saturday's allow me the ability to just forget most things and just paint for a bit. Nothing too special today, just a Goblin who's life has been rather long and he's lost an arm and his lower leg in the process. Now he just wants to live peacefully (as much as a goblin can) tinkering in his workshop and staying away from any kind of adventure.

Is he come long forgotten hero who once fought dragons alongside other mythical champions? Did he slay evil? Why does he use a rope to hold his pants up?

To most of those answers he will just grunt and dismiss the question. About the belt? "Why use leather for a belt when I can use that leather for a bomb instead?"

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