Monday, August 22, 2011

That's one for JJ! (or Le actually)

Well I suppose as my first post I should start out with something decent. For a while I was without a wacom tablet. It sucked but it didn't hold me back in art as much as I let myself. I made too many excuses for myself that 'Once I get my tablet I'll be godlike'. But art doesn't work that way. Once I was able to get past that I started to pick up the pencil and just put it to paper again, I even tried to do some stuff with my mouse, not letting myself be held back and trying to just use the tools I have to make art and not let the tools make the artist.

Then my good friend Le felt my cry, his spider sense tingled (or his message box on skype made a noise, not sure which exactly) and I told him about how i've been, how art has been and how I had somehow ended up without a wacom tablet.

The next night I got a text from him saying he was shipping me his old wacom tablet. One of the nicest things anyone has done for me, without his help I would still be scrub a dub dubbing with my mouse and dreams of artistic grandeur.

So this first (second) post is for him. This art piece is dedicated to Le, for liking ninja's and hooking a Nega up. Not only did he help me throughout this whole piece, he helped motivate me and let me know when I was bad at drawing so I could make the proper adjustments to fix it.

This is the first part I did of it, when I thought I was the shit and had inked it.

Then he told me it was bad lol. So to spare you lots of different revisions, I'll just show you that with his help throughout and many emails back and forth, I was able to create my very first finished piece of digital art (well mostly finished at least). A ninja (Kennen from league of legends) for Le.

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