Monday, August 22, 2011


So after that kennen piece I have been rather apprehensive to do any digital art, I would start something, it wouldn't turn out anywhere near what I had in my mind and I would just alt+f4 that bitch. So while I haven't done too much digital art I have been trying to keep up in my sketchbook, here are a couple of pages from my sketchbook, I think i've progressed somewhat throughout it.

Playing a ton of league of legends, I just started drawing some champions. Nothing special.

Saw some UMVC3 videos and it got me thinking of taskmaster who I tend to use on my team. Random sketches of him (and a note from my gf :D )

Ryze and some more random sketches. Copied a face from bob kato as I was watching it (bottom left) and tried to shadow it myself.

Watched the dota 2 stream while I drew most of this, Morphling at the bottom.

Guild wars 2 got me thinking about necromancers

More Necromancer stuff, kinda hard to see because of the blue pencil.

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