Friday, June 14, 2013


Just a quick update to show i'm still alive. Haven't done any work on the computer but am always sketching lately while at work. Just two sketches i did today while there. One guy I called 'The Grand Seraphim'. Some sort of angelic creature.

The other character is one i've been working on for a while, I don't have a full name for him aside from him being 'The First Carved'. The idea was the first gargoyle that was ever created by a very powerful sect of Paladins. They carved him to protect their fortress from intruders while they were away on a pilgrimage or fighting evil. A long time has passed since he was first made, the paladin sect has long abandoned the fortress and he remains, guarding an empty fortress. He wasn't the only gargoyle made but as he was the first he commands the rest of the lesser ones that the sect made. None is as powerful as he and all obey his will. 

A cool idea I have been working on is to make his weapon a sort of mace that is made from like 3 gargoyles that land on the top of it and turn to stone to create the head of the mace. I had a sketch somewhere but I don't know where that is now.

Might as well show off all the stuff i've been doing. The next character is a sort of monk character, as a right of passage all of the young males in the village must undergo a ritual where they endure a terrible pain by some deadly ethereal snake things. They must put their hands in this box with two of them and last a certain amount of time (maybe some sort of chant) and then also not die. . . cause that would be them failing too lol. Anyways, this dude (the story I have somewhere is much more thought out) put his hands in there and didn't wince in pain or anything like that, cold stone face like a boss. When the elders opened up the box the snakes were gone! But his hands were all black and shit now. The ethereal snake things have fused with him and now he can control snake powers and stuff when he fights. He has long hair and uses two small snake things to tie his hair back. When he fights he can do a sort of two handed palm thing to his enemy, the snakes (oh yeah they look like an awesome tattoo on his arms also) then leave his arms and transfer to his enemy, they then make some sort of tattoo on the enemie's chest or whatever and cause them to writhe in pain until they die. Or if he calls them back.

This dude is a swordsman whos can use his demon arm or some sort of elemental power to infuse his sword when he attacks. The sword is the main part that I was focused on when making this guy, I think it looks awesome. he holds it with the separate handle and the strap holds onto him and the sword kinda like how a guitar strap holds on, but maybe not as tight. And when he is just traveling or whatever the sword would hang behind him like a guitar would for a traveling music player man. In some of the later sketches i've done He doesn't have the arm with eyes thing (the eyes would open depending on which element he is using for his attack while the rest stay closed). But I might go back to that, it looks pretty sick. 

Anyways those are some of the sketches and things pouring out of my brain. I don't know who reads this if anyone does but there ya go. Enjoy and thanks for checking this out. 

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