Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Skullgirl! Kinda.

Man, It's been amazing to see how well the Skullgirls fundraiser has gone. If you didn't know, the skullgirls team has been working on the game without pay for about a year now. They decided to try out a fundraiser on indiegogo to get out a new character they had started on before they lost their jobs (along with stretch goals for the first male character and a third at a much higher price). Today, they hit the goal for Big band! 375k with about 14 more days to go! It's really amazing to see.

So in honor of that I decided to do a sketch of one of the mystery characters that is a possibility for the 3rd slot. The bee chick Q bee 5 way air dasher herself. Hive.

I want to add color soon because a color like yellow seems like it will be fun to paint.

Go donate! They are such an amazing and transparent team that deserves every penny (and then some!).

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