Thursday, November 8, 2012


I did another space character. This was one of the poor space crew that had their lives taken when the commander they thought they could trust gave in and forsook his humanity and his crew for greater power.

He is a space lich. This would be one of the basic creatures that guard the way to the Space Lich's inner chamber.

I had fun painting it for the most part. I didn't really work on it as a whole as I should have, I ended up focusing on parts at a time, I ended up working on the shoes last and was starting to run out of steam so I think they are the weakest part. Next time I'm going to try to work on the entire character as one instead of rendering each part a little at a time. I dunno. It was still fun.

I'm done with him for now.

Here is a progression picture of how I worked on it.

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